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河北体彩网-球探比分 in New Zealand. He has visited Brothers volcano eleven times and with his team, did much of the initial work mapping and understanding how the hydrothermal system works. Dr. Maurice Tivey from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Dr. Caratori Tontini from GNS Science will be measuring heat flow through the caldera floor.

河北体彩网-球探比分All of this makes for a very ambitious and exciting plan for science and exploration and you will have a front-row seat through Dive and Discover to watch what we do and to learn more about the planet we call home.



What makes the Brothers Volcano unique? Click to enlarge.

Bathymetry image of Brothers Seamount and caldera, an undersea volcano about 3 kilometers in diameter off the coast of New Zealand, and host to the most active and possibly largest of any hydrothermal vent fields discovered to date along the Kermadec Arc. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's autonomous underwater vehicle ABE acquired high-resolution (2-meter) bathymetry data inside the caldera. Surface ships mapped the lower-resolution (25- to 30-meter) bathymetry data on the surrounding volcano flanks. This feature was formally named using tools provided by the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO). Still image credit: S.G. Merle (GNS Science/WHOI/NOAA/PMEL/OSU) (Movie courtesy of the NOAA Vents Program)



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